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Whole Health: A Holistic Approach to Healing for the 21st Century


Mark Mincolla Ph.D. (Author)


Be the healthiest you’ve ever been, and possess more vitality and energy, with the Whole Health Healing System!

In Whole Health, Dr. Mark Mincolla outlines the Whole Health Healing System, his unique method based on more than thirty years’ experience as a holistic medical practitioner. This system integrates elements of classical Chinese medicine, personalized nutrition, and extrasensory energy medicine, while inspiring, empowering, and teaching how to attain balance in body, mind, and spirit. This book will:
Assist in making sixth-sensory diagnoses of ailments Help you achieve better health through specially tailored nutritional recommendations Balance body, mind, and spirit with time-tested diagnostic tools, techniques, and meditations And much more Everything is energy, and by learning to balance vital body energies with the proper corresponding food energies, Whole Health practitioners can prevent the onset of many inflammatory symptoms associated with common ailments. This one-of-a-kind system will lead you down the path to natural healing and help you easily achieve physical health and spiritual oneness as never before.

  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) LLC; 1st edition (December 26, 2013)
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Customized Healing: Blending the Best of Eastern and Western Medicine [Paperback]

Mark Mincolla Ph.D. (Author), Roberta W. Waddell (Editor)

“Only by blending the best of Western mechanistic and chemical knowledge with the best of the ancient Eastern vitalistic approach can we become whole beings and claim our maximum healing potential,” writes Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., in Customized Healing. Trained in both Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) and Western nutrition, Mincolla has been integrating these seemingly opposing modalities to cure disease and promote health over the last thirty years. Mincolla relies on an understanding of the synergy of mind/body/spirit to address his patients’ needs. That’s why the foods you eat, the supplements you take, your daily exercise, what you think, how you act, and what you believe and aspire to are all part of his integrated, holistic approach.

Enhancing the flow of life-force energy, or chi as it’s called in CCM, and avoiding blockage of chi are essential in Mincolla’s practice. He views symptoms as messages about what the mind/body/spirit needs. Grief in your heart or from clogged arteries both lead to blocked energy. To help him diagnose a person’s bio-individuality, he uses CCM’s five constitutional types, based on the five energies-wood, fire, earth, metal, and water-to discover the nutritional therapy, mind-body medicine (such as yoga, meditation, and tai chi), and natural medicine (specific foods and vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements) needed to help the person achieve vibrant health.

Customized Healing includes a detailed questionnaire so readers can identify their primary type and recommends specific supplements and recipes designed to address their bio-


  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Basic Health Publications; 1st edition (January 10, 2012)
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Maximum Healing Book by Mark Mincolla

Maximum Healing Book by Mark Mincolla

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As a student of Taoism, I have searched for a book that embodies the awareness of the need to address the human body as a whole entity; mind, body, intellect, and emotions , as well as the scientific approach to nutritional evidence that food is medicine. This is such a book. Dr. Mincolla’s book transcends a mere integration of Eastern and Western healing, by illuminating the importance of achieving harmony through unity of body, emotions, intellect, and spirit, all in balance with one another. And the best part of this process is that he does this easily, with brilliant understanding of how food, your specific body type, and your “Chi” must all flow together in balance. This is true health. This book if truly a healing tool. A must-read!

  • Paperback: 228 pages
  • Publisher: Pennyroyal Press (January 1999)
$12.95 Plus S/H
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Download Seminar Video’s by Mark Mincolla

Whole Health Healing System All-Day Intensive

October 20, 2012

Whole Health Healing System All-Day Intensive

Mark Mincolla, Ph. D.

Intensive workshop as Mark Mincolla teaches his Electromagnetic Muscle Testing protocol (EMT.) During this rare, hands on day of training, you will work directly with Mark Mincolla as he teaches this all important aspect of his trademark Whole Health Healing System.

You will learn how to

1.) Analyze vital gland and organ energy imbalances

2.) Discover food energy intolerances

3.) Design individualized meal plan and nutritional supplement protocols

4.) Learn Mark’s adaptation of wencheich’u energy healing – this remarkable energy healing technique will enable you to therapeutically balance out all body system energies.

$299.00 download


Optimizing Energy and Power

September 19, 2012

$20.00 download

Natural Health

June 8, 2012

$20.00 download

How to lose weight permanently

January 22, 2012

$20.00 download

Healing power of food

March 24, 2012 healing power of food 20.00

$20.00 download

Maximize your nutritional therapy

April 29, 2012

$20.00 download

How to

make food your medicine

January 29, 2012


$20.00 download


Download Audio CD’s by Mark Mincolla

Nutrition for Maximum Immunity

Disc 1 (50:37 minutes)

Disc 2 (49:33 minutes)

Nutrition For Maximum Immunity is a live lecture recording that reveals the best natural strategies to bolster immunity during the winter months, with a special focus on the best proven natural remedies for the common cold and flu, as well as the Bird and Swine Flu.

$20.00 download

De-Stressing Deep Relaxation:

For Body, Mind and Spirit

Disc 1 (20:54 minutes)

De-stressing and Deep Relaxation for Body Mind and Spirit is an incredible twenty minute guided visualization, relaxation exercise designed to wipe away a lifetime of stress.

$20.00 download

Celebration of Spirit

Disc 1 (15:20 minutes)

Celebration of Spirit is a fifteen minute musical composition designed to support crown chakra meditation. The music on this cd was written and composed specifically to help you open up your spirit chakra, and to help transform your vital energy into it’s highest unlimited potential.

This music was created and composed by Mark Mincolla in the key of G for a crown chakra meditation.

$15.00 download

Living From Your Higher Mind

Disc 1 (24:45 minutes)

Living From Your Higher Mind is a powerful guided visualization designed to move you out of your negative unconscious thought patterns and into your positive superconscious, transformational mind.

$20.00 download

Manifesting the Unlimited Power of Healing

Disc 1 (28:07 minutes)

Manifesting the Unlimited Power of Healing is designed to be a healing cd that will help you create the mental and spiritual energy necessary to empower your highest healing intention.


$20.00 download

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” Positive thoughts reverse disease by cultivating purpose”     – Mark Mincolla Ph.D.


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