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Vanessa Mincolla

Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Vanessa Mincolla, BS, CHNC, offers a unique approach to integrative healing. Vanessa’s work embodies the personal application of her father, Mark Mincolla Ph.D.’s, Whole Health Healing system, combined with her professional background in the human services field. Vanessa utilizes philosophies of Classical Chinese Medicine and adapted methods of Applied Kinesiology, in tandem with concepts of wellness coaching and motivational interviewing, to encourage healing on a multidimensional level. Vanessa’s primary goal as a practitioner is to empower and guide her clients as they access the healer within themselves, on their personal journey to wellness.


Vanessa’s extensive experience providing mental health services to a wide variety of populations, as well as her graduate studies in Holistic Nutrition, and experience working alongside Dr. Mark Mincolla, have shaped a unique career path which encompasses a practitionership that facilities true mind and body healing. When working alongside Vanessa, you will explore your personal vision for optimized wellness. With Vanessa as your guide and ally on your healing journey, you will create step by step action plans, and highly individualized food and supplement protocols, to facilitate the transformation that aligns with your wellness vision.


Create and commit to wellness goals that are both achievable and sustainable. Transform your relationship with food. Foster a sense of self love. Establish meaningful and sustainable self care practices that encourage long-term health and healing. Tune into your inner dialogue, and stop limiting beliefs in their tracks. Redirect the trajectories of the body, and the mind, and realign yourself with new healing heights. Identify and overcome each of the barriers to your health and happiness, and achieve the level of life satisfaction that you deserve.


Her office hours are as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday
Hours: 10:00am-5pm.

100 Grandview Rd. Suite 318
Braintree MA 02184
Mark Mincolla and Associates

(virtual appointments only at this time)


Hours: 2pm-7pm
102 W Center St
West Bridgewater, MA
Good Life Acupuncture and Holistic Therapies

Hours: 7am-2pm
Location: 102 W Center St
West Bridgewater, MA
Good Life Acupuncture and Holistic Therapies

To schedule an appointment with Vanessa, please contact:
Office: 781-817-3444
Cell: 781-261-0320


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