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The Whole Health Healing System Curriculum

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Meditating in Mountains

Class Description: 

Students will be introduced to the principles of wholeism necessary to create a foundation by which to delve deeper into more complex healing concepts.  Topics covered will include the “Human Energy-field,” the Mind/Body Connection, and critical & unique aspects to Eastern and Taoist healing techniques such as the Five Elements Constitution Types.  Students will work to become adept as energy practitioners capable of engaging a basic post-contemporary system of Applied Kinesiology within the framework of Mark Mincolla, Ph.D’s Whole Health Healing System (WHHS) and Electromagnetic Muscle Testing (EMT) protocol.


The program is taught by Mark Mincolla, Ph.D and lasts eight weeks. Each class is approximately 90 minutes. There is an Applied Kinesiology Assessment after week four along with a two quizzes and energy diagnostic demonstrations to solidify concepts. The class is currently in a virtual format and incorporates the invaluable energy diagnostic assessment tools from the Whole Health Healing System developed by Mark Mincolla PhD, in 1982. 


Classes will be limited to 25 students each session to ensure they fully understand the WHHS protocol.  Enrollment begins August 1st. Upon completion of this intensive study, students will receive a certificate of Achievement.  Each student will be able to perform a full EMT work up.


As a prerequisite to this course, each student is expected to have read The Whole Health Book and The Way of Miracles by the class start date.    


Module 1: Evolving Beyond Halfism to Wholeism
  • Defining Dis-ease/Dis-ease is the perfect Wholeism

  • Examining current systems of Orthodox Medicine / Apriori toxicity / ”One size fits all” Model

  • Establishing viable alternative systems of healing / Aligning ourselves with a process for reversing dis-ease / Customized healing geared to the individual​

  • Everything is energy – especially dis-ease.  One cannot rely upon reversing dis-ease at a strictly material level

Module 2: Bioenergetic Nutrition/Maximizing potential of food as medicine
  • Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) – a well-honed time-tested energy medicine model for healing

  • Human beings produce an electromagnetic energy field that can be diagnosed and balanced

  • Food is energy and alters the energy field of the consumer ultimately creating fields of ease and dis-ease

  • Dialoguing with the human energy field and learning how to listen to patterns of ease and dis-ease by examining the relationship between vital human energy, lifestyle, and nutrition

  • Internal (energy) vs External (matter): establishing the rudiment of energetic ease and dis-ease at the deepest levels

Module 3: Sixth Sensory Diagnosis
  • Our mystical Nature / Meta human wholeism and super consciousness

  • Inductive vs Deductive / The unification of the intuitive and intellectual

  • Intuitive Neuro feedback / Dialoguing with energy through the nervous system and the super consciousness 

  • Electromagnetic Muscle Testing (EMT)

    • Pass/Fail

    • Tuning

    • Pulse testing

    • Unlimited numbers

    • Self-Testing

      • Punch pushing

      • Finger ring

    • Vital organ testing

    • Dose, frequency, duration

  • Non-local and surrogate testing

  • Food/Energy testing​

Quiz to Recap

Module 4: Energetic Bio-Individuality
  • 5 Manifestations of Energy

  • 5 Elemental Constitutions

    • Wood

    • Fire

    • Earth

    • Metal

    • Water

  • Constitutional Codes

  • 6 Pernicious Influences​

  • Energetically diagnosing Fu and Zhang Spheres

    • EMT Long and short forms

  • Energetic Individuality/Constitutionality

  • Applied Kinesiology Assessment

  • Quiz to Recap

Module 5: EMT Practicum
  • Full Implementation and review of WHHS

  • Questions & Answers

  • Final Assessment​

  • Energetic Diagnostic Demonstration

Class Closed.
Option 1: Pay In Full Now
Option 2: Pay In Two Parts


Each class will start at 10:30AM (Eastern Time) with a meditation, and recordings will be available for up to one week after the session. The cost of WHHS intensive is $1,500.  Payments made for course are non-refundable.

Pay $1500 before 02/26
(Receive a 10% discount if paid in full by January 26th.) Use Coupon Code EARLYBIRDJANUARY  

$750 now secures your spot! First payment due by 2/05 and final billed automatically 02/26, if not done manually prior.

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