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The Whole Health System Curriculum


Class Description: 

Students will be uniquely exposed to principles of wholism necessary to create a stable foundation by which to will progress gradually into more complex aspects and concepts such as:


The “Human Bio-field,” critical & unique aspects to Eastern and Taoist healing techniques (Five Elements Constitution Types), as well as exploring the nature of the Mind- Body connection so that they can advance into confident energy practitioners who are capable of manipulating both basic and post- contemporary system of Applied Kinesiology within the framework of Mark Mincolla’s Whole Health System and beyond…


Upon completion of this program, students will receive a certificate for completion, will be able to complete a “full energy diagnostic work up” and be able to apply their new skill sets in many facets of their life both practical and Supra-practical. 


This is taught by Mark Mincolla and lasts 8 weeks long. Each class is 1.5 hours. There is a pre-assessment after week 3 and a written final assessment and a Energy Diagnostic component. The class is currently taught in-person and virtual (circumstances permitting) and incorporates the (invaluable) energy diagnostic assessment tools from the Whole Health System that were developed and curated over the past 40 years by Mark Mincolla PhD. 


Module 1: Wholeism must replace Halfism
  • The current system of medicine is what I call a system of halfism. In that it only engages material reality while ignoring energy reality

  • We must understand the difference between vitalism and mechanism

  • The present system is responsible for 100,000 prescription medicine deaths per year, that is 270 deaths per day. In spite of the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is making $250 billion a year

  • To be truly effective the healthcare system needs to represent the unified holograph that addresses constitutional individuality at the subtlest energetic level 

  • Everything is energy. Energy is the vibration of frequency generally measured in cycles per seconds 

  • The universe is 99.999% energy and 0.001% matter

Module 2: Human Bioenergetics
  • Human bioenergetics represents the human aura which electromagnetic energy field that is biodynamic 

  • This field can be dialogued with as it is a source of living information about the body, mind and spirit 

Module 3: Bio Individual Constistionality
  • Energetic interactions between all living things 

  • Applications 

Pre-Assessment 1- 3
Module 4: Mind Body Connection
  • Origins, models, and observations

Module 5: Understanding Energy and Energy Diagnosis from Perspective of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Contextual, Fu (yang) and Zhan (yin), chart for five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), 5 classifications of chi, 6 principles of chi, 4 natural directions of chi, 5 manifestations of chi, 4 psychological origins of chi, 5 fundamental substances of life, 6 pernicious influences, 5 primary human emotions, 5 flavors, Wenchiech’u

Module 6: Therapeutic Energy Balancing 
  • Forms, methods, means and applications

Module 7: Final Written Examination
Module 8: Energetic Diagnostic Examination
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