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The Vanishing Illusion of Limitation

We’ve reshaped and reinvented reality into nice, neatly fitting cognitive forms for the express purposes of organizing and controlling life on earth, but we are beginning to question the limitations of the artificial reality we’ve been left with.

The myth of material reality has been shattered by the truth that all material objects are 99.9% energy. We’ve also been programmed to believe in the restrictions and limitations of time and space, but the time and space myth is also beginning to break down. In fact one very interesting study in particular struck a disabling blow against the time and space theory.

In July of 2000 Israeli Math Professor Leonard Leibovici performed a double blind randomized controlled trial on 3,393 adult patients each of whom suffered from a bloodstream infection that was diagnosed at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel between the years of 1990-1996. Leibovici’s study focused on the effects of remote (distance), intercessory prayer. He broke the subjects down into two groups, one group who was to receive intercessory prayer and another group that didn’t receive the healing prayer. The results were truly remarkable. Those subjects who were prayed for had a significantly shorter hospital stay, a profoundly shorter duration of fever, and they healed considerably faster than those not prayed for. The results were indeed so remarkable that they were published in the British Medical Journal in December of 2001.The catch here is that the patients who were prayed for actually were prayed for during a period some 4-10 years after they’d already left the hospital. Thus the study proved what is called retrocausality. Retrocausality represents the future being able to affect the present and the present being able to affect the past. We are all familiar with the concept of precognition where we can manipulate time well in advance of events. Retrocausation represents the manipulation of time past.

Princeton physicist York Dobbins has performed a number of retrocausation studies the most recent of which was published in the Scientific Journal of Exploration in 2011. To date there have been 26 meta-analysis reviews showing the statistical significance of retrocausation. For those demanding a further explanation you might simply think of retrocausation as a sort of Lorentz Transformation variant. As is being proven with entangled light particles, time not only moves forward but backwards as well. Imagine having the power to affect your future or past self? Stop imagining. Limitation is but a vanishing illusion.


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