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Whole Health Success Stories

WHOLE HEALTH SUCCESS STORIES: I had a recent follow up with a seventy year old woman who first came to me three months earlier after having been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

She was deteriorating rapidly and her mobility was fast becoming increasingly impaired. At the outset of our first meeting she had to be bodily assisted (carried into my office) by her husband and her daughter. Following an extensive Q&A, I EMT energy tested her and found that her neuro-degenerative symptoms were caused by an RNA retro virus.

There are a growing number of studies finding germs as the causal agents in many incidences of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, MS and Alzheimer's. As is often the case, the disabling symptoms caused by her genetic mutation were being triggered into expression by a virus.

I took her off all wheat as well as all arginine rich foods (as they feed viruses): corn, yolks, nuts and seeds, vinegar, and aged cheeses. I also advised her to supplement with natural anti-virals: olive leaf 2,000 mg, lysine 4,000 mg and monolaurin 3,600 mg. In addition I put her on NAC 1,000 mg and NADH 40 mg to block the mutation effect. When she returned for her three month follow up she walked down the hall and into my office unassisted and with great fluidity and balance. Both her husband and her nurse daughter happily confirmed that she was sticking to her program and was now 100% symptom free.

Learn more by reading THE WHOLE HEALTH DIET.

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