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Fighting Cancer With homeopathy

Homeopathy has had to continually defend itself against the skepticism of the medical orthodoxy, but all one has to do is look at the research.

According to two recent studies performed at the University of Texas’s Anderson Cancer Center, homeopathic Ruta killed human brain cancer cells and homeopathic Carcinosin killed breast cancer cells. To date there have been over 100 clinical studies on homeopathy. There are a number of peer reviewed published studies that validate homeopathy’s effectiveness against: arthritis, pediatric illness, and allergenic headaches.

The reason the orthodox medical community criticizes homeopathy is that they are mechanists who fail to understand, or accept vitalism. Homeopathy is an energy medicine not a material medicine. Homeopathic medicine doesn’t do the healing, your body does. Similar to a vaccine, homeopathic medicine enhances the body’s own defenses at a subtle immunological level, but without side effects, or contra-indications.

I suggest folks check out all these exciting studies. In addition, I suggest you log onto and These are great sites that will help you to find the right homeopathic medicine for your health needs.


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