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How to Save a Million Human Lives

Day in, day out over the past thirty years, thousands of people have come into my nutritional counseling office in search of alternative health care strategies to support their efforts to ameliorate symptoms associated with disease and chronic health conditions. They continue to present with cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, asthma, psoriasis, cirrhosis etc. Happily but disturbingly, I am here to say that many of them reverse they’re symptoms, and go on to experience complete recoveries. Most of these recoveries come about not from natural foods, nor miracle pills, but from the avoidance of inflammatory intolerance foods. I continue to find this powerful “addition through subtraction” strategy to be consistently effective, but this all begs some very important medical questions. What exactly is disease? Do most of these people that I’m working with really have what they were diagnosed with? Does the medical community really understand disease, or has disease, as we’ve come to know it, simply been designed to fit our adopted models of treatment?

Disease is generally described as an abnormal condition, often triggered by external factors, causing pain, suffering and, or the death of an organism. But this says nothing about the disease triggering potentials of internal factors such as thoughts, or emotion, nor the root factors that may precede the external factors, like the dietary dairy products that inflame a patient’s asthma. I submit that all disease begins with a breach of homeostasis. When any organism becomes imbalanced in body, mind and/or spirit, disease is an inevitable, natural result.

In my world I routinely see homeostasis breached by the toxicity of food. Food is making people sick, very sick! In fact, I believe that food is making people so sick that it is mimicking, contributing to, and/or causing many of the great diseases of our time. When no more dairy means no more asthma, then asthma isn’t asthma, it’s a food intolerance. When no more gluten means no more eczema, then eczema isn’t eczema, it’s a food intolerance. When no more saturated fat means no more heart disease, then heart disease isn’t heart disease, it’s a food intolerance When no more sugar, and fermentation mean no more cancer, then cancer isn’t cancer, it’s a food intolerance.

By contrast, rather than simply subtracting the causal root, our current medical model chooses to rely on pharmaceutical drugs to reverse symptoms generated by toxic germs, emotions, thoughts and foods. How’s that working out? We’ve all had a good laugh at the Lampoon like pharmaceutical television commercials, “May cause: dizziness, racing heart, insomnia, confusion, bladder and bowel irritation, lower back pain, urinary frequency, night sweats, nausea, a sudden drop in blood pressure and in some cases death.” According to Melody Petersen, author of Our Daily Meds, 100,000 Americans are killed by prescription drugs each year. That’s 270 per day! More than twice as many who are killed in car crashes. These deaths are not due to pharmaceutical error either. It clearly reveals the potential dangers of pharmaceutical medications. In spite of these cold hard facts, 65% of Americans continue to take prescription drugs at a cost of $250 billion per year. The truth of the matter is. Medicine has become the new disease.

I might suggest an easier way to save millions of human lives and revolutionize health care consciousness. Avoid dairy, wheat, corn, nuts, red meats, vinegar, alcohol, yeast and processed sugars for one month. Consume lean poultry, fish, beans, vegetables, fruits, brown rice, yeast free rice breads, and rice dairy alternatives for one month. Then simply observe.


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