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Cracking Your Personalized Energy Code

Imagine that you had our own unique, “DNA like” energy code. So that if you wanted to maximize your innate power, wellness and prospects for success all you’d have to do is align your lifestyle in accordance with your personal energy code. Now imagine that your personal energy code was stored deep within your unconscious mind, and that the key to cracking your code was a simple muscle testing procedure that you could learn in mere minutes. The truth is, all the above is for real! Your nervous system knows your code, and your muscles will weaken at the mere mention of the wrong match. Try testing virtually anything at all to see if it matches your personal energy code.

Stand face to face with a partner at arms length. Raise your left arm at shoulder’s height. Close your eyes as your partner calls out anything by name, a person, food event etc. As they call out each name your partner should try to depress your left arm with their right. If your strength weakens and your arm drops at the mention of any given stimuli, then it isn’t part of your energy code. Go ahead and try it. Test virtually anything. Learn to create greater efficiency in your life by aligning your life energetically. Matter is an illusion. Everything is energy. It’s time you made the transition.


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