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Infinite Consciousness Power

Professor Emeritus of Material Sciences and Engineering at Stanford William Tiller recently said, “The vacuum within a single hydrogen atom has 30 trillion times more energy than there is in all the mass of all the stars and all the planets up to 20 billion light years. If consciousness were to allow you to control a small fraction of that energy, creating a big bang would be no problem.”

Prior to Quantum Mechanics and Hebert Space math, reality was governed by material laws, and believed to only consist of three dimensions. Now, all that is changing. Energy is the basis for reality and the dimensional probabilities are infinite. It’s no longer just about external space. Human consciousness is the new frontier. And human potential is no longer restricted to by the limitations of only that which can be scientifically studied, or proven with theorems. It no longer matters whether or not we have the material capability to grasp the immaterial. In fact, we’ve suddenly started to realize that material reductionism is the wrong tool for the job. There has been a sudden shift toward an observer based reality; no scientific validation required. We now understand that as observers, each of us is a reality maker. The very moment we close our eyes that, which we were looking at suddenly ceases to exist. As soon as we open our eyes it returns to our realty. Boundaries and material baselines are no longer the reality focal point. Infinite consciousness merely requires that each observer affirm its possibility.


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